Where to start?

I plan on making myself available to work in Seattle starting around the 1st of September. I was told I should start looking now, I should emphasize that I'm paying for my relocation, and that I have relatives in Seattle that I'll be staying with.

Ok, now that that's decided, how do I actually start looking for a job? I'm 26 years old and I've never actually done a real job search ... time to start catching up!

Out of hiatus

What has had the strongest influence on your political ideology (or lack there of for some)? Family, friends, media, physical environment, personal experiences?

The development of one's political ideology is fascinating. It's also a little scary. I read in the news everyday how polarized the US is becoming and every time I read about it I fear more and more whether any real progress can be made. What results in people clinging so strongly to their beliefs that they aren't willing to even listen to the other side? How do we bridge the gap and get back to what really counts? Is the US just too big for its own good?

Or is it even as bad as I think it is?

Living in Japan, the only news I really see or read is coming from an extreme point of view (because that's probably what sells). A part of me is really looking forward to going back to the States and engaging in dialogues with people who have different beliefs and political ideologies because I really want to understand it all. However, another part of me is frightened to go back to a place where people are gathering arms/food/shelter as if in preparation for the worst. It's as if people have already given up on the idea, or perhaps they never believed in the idea, that we could coexist with each other peacefully despite our differences. Why do we dwell on the differences rather than realizing that there are actually more similarities between us all?


I read over 2,000 pages last week. I forgot how much I liked to read, especially series. They just let you go into a completely different world; an escape from reality for a while, and from TV :P I never thought I would get into them; I'd never even heard that much about them except for a brief article I read last year about some crazy lustful fans obsessed with them and the movie. But my friend Katie handed the first book to me and said give it a try. So, I started reading the Twilight series and couldn't stop until I was done with them all. Despite how much some of the characters, mainly the main character, annoyed me, I really enjoyed reading them and immersing myself in that world for a little while. However, I'm supposed to be preparing for the GRE's eventually, so perhaps I should read books that will aid my shrinking vocabulary. Any suggestions?

only in Japan ...

Teacher: Uh oh ... sounds like someone has a cold.
Allison: Yeah, a little bit of a cold. But I'll be ok.
Teacher: Do you have a runny nose?
Allison: Yes ...
Teacher: You should go to the hopsital! You don't want that to get out of hand now.
Allison: For a runny nose? But I don't have a fever or anything ...
Teacher: You should still go ...

Apparently a runny nose grants a hospital visit in Japan. But seeing as there is no cure to the common cold, I think I will just stick to lots of liquids, rest, and lovely lotion tissues :P

And again ...

Maybe I'm addicted to Japan. I always say that I'm going to leave, but then I can never pull myself away. I won't have that option next year though. I'm going back to the States ... for sure!!

It was an extremely difficult decision for me to make this year. Last year, I had decided that I would be finished after four years. I had prepared myself (mentally and emotionally) to leave. I was set on that path. But then the news started pouring in: layoffs in the thousands, unemployment rates highest for my age group, loans becoming difficult to obtain, etc etc. I have dreams, but I don't have anything set in stone. Entering a shaky (at best) economy without anything lined up could end up being financial suicide. Staying in Japan for one more year with a steady income allows for more time to make a smooth transition back.

So I'm staying ... BUT, I have goals:

1) I want to take the GREs
2) I want to take the JLPT, level 1 (once I find out if I passed level 2, if I didn't, then retake it!)
3) I want to visit at least one other country in Japan's vicinity (I still haven't done that!)
4) I want to thoroughly look into my fields of interest: education, physical therapy, Japanese
5) I want to research different graduate programs related to those interests
6) I will make an updated resume (haven't done one in 5 years!)
7) I will save a significant amount of money!
8) I will enjoy the time I have left with the friends I have made here to the fullest extent!

I've made a list, now I can be held accountable! One of the major reasons I wanted to return home was because I felt like I was getting in a rut and I needed to move on. But I don't need to go home to do that. I can do that wherever I am :)

As I said last year, for those who want to visit me while I'm here, you have just about 18 months to do it ... come visit!!!!! heeee

moral dilemma

I learned something new last night about Japan's health insurance. On top of universal health insurance (meaning everyone is insured ~ including me!), those who have a chronic illness without a cure can qualify for special insurance that covers all medical expenses (doctor visits, medication, hospitalization pertaining to that illness, etc.) with a premium at about $30-40 a month. I thought that was amazing. In the US, most people with a pre-existing condition find it extremely difficult to even find a health insurance company that will cover them and if they do, it's so expensive it's almost unaffordable. Compared to the US, Japan's medical resources are probably more limited, but I wouldn't be surprised if people just knowing they can go to the hospital when they feel sick without getting stuck with outrageous bills contributes to an over-all healthier nation.

It makes me sad when people decide not to go to the hospital or receive treatment because it would just be too expensive for them to pay for it. Is that right? Is that morally right?

Poll of the day:

Should health insurance be a right or a privilege?

I'll try and do more posts this year than last year :P

Yesterday was a national holiday, but I still went to school. Why? I simply forgot I had the day off :P Usually I'd be bummed about missing an opportunity to sleep in, but seeing as I haven't had much to do at work during the last 2 weeks (besides uploading pictures, revamping my blog, and keeping in touch via gchat), I found it refreshing to wake up before 9 and get an earlier start to the day. I cleaned my apartment. I finally put away my suitcases and reorganized my living area. I uploaded more photos. My computer doesn't seem to like that though. I think it's coming to the end of its life. Four years for a laptop is a long time. I went to the grocery store. And then my friend, Katie, came over for dinner. I made a childhood favorite of mine, sour cream of mushroom and it tasted just like my mom's! Yummmmm ~ We even used the sauce as gravy on the potatoes!

So, despite the free time I've been having recently (that will change very soon though once classes actually start), I have been putting off some major decision making. Decisions are difficult to make, especially the life changing ones. Shoot, it takes me forever to decide on anything just to buy for that matter! But the life changing ones are scarey. It's like watching a movie like "Family Man". One decision leads you down one road, while another decision leads you down a completely different one. Which one do you take? I know I'm an adaptable person, so whatever decision I do make I know I'll be fine, but it's the "before" that's difficult. I need to do some soul searching and chanting to connect with my inner wisdom and make the best decision for my life at this time.

And I have a deadline ... February 6th. That's when the papers are due for whether I say another year or back to the States. Stay tuned ~

p.s. I uploaded pictures from mine and Nori's trip to the US. And mom, I am going to try and upload the video too! Check it out~

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